Meet Our Team

Art Leaders Gallery was founded in 1992

Mission Statement
“Art Leaders Gallery brings art and people together for enjoyment, discovery, and collecting. We strive to create a place where everyone from novice to the seasoned collector can be touched by art. We have made it our mission to unite artists and art enthusiast through collaboration, exhibitions, and our dedication to collectors.“

Bonnie Mansour
Founder and CEO
Bonnie is the director and fine art curator for the gallery. She studied painting at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Her reputation in the art industry, as well as her passion for art and design has allowed her to help cultivate new artists and their careers. Traveling to different art shows across the United States and the joy she experiences when working with clients all over the world has helped her to elevate Art Leaders Gallery to an international level. Bonnie and Jason are so proud that Art Leaders Gallery has been chosen multiple times by several publications as the Peoples’ Choice “Best Art Gallery”.

“Selecting artwork is a personal experience, not only for its aesthetic appeal but the power it evokes. Jason and I enjoy visiting clients’ homes helping them to select artwork for their spaces. Art is healing and calming to the spirit…touching people deeply, bringing inspiration to you and your life”.

Jason Mansour
Founder and CFO
Jason oversees all logistics and manages the property for the gallery. He also enjoys curating the gallery’s main exhibit areas and is continuously updating the artwork on display. He loves traveling with his wife Bonnie to different art shows across the United States.


Mary Williams
Marketing Director and Art Consultant
Mary received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in the field of Illustration and has been a freelance illustrator since graduating in 2012.

She comes to Art Leaders Gallery after returning home to Michigan from California where she spent time at CSU, Monterey Bay to further develop her artistic skills as a certified Science Illustrator. She oversees the gallery's marketing efforts, online presence and website, while also designing advertisement and promotional materials.

When not working in the gallery or on freelance work, Mary enjoys snuggling with her dog, reading, exploring downtown, and painting.

Terri Stearn

Candidate, American Society of Appraisers
After twenty years of training and experience as an art historian, gallery director, curator, and collector, Terri joins the Art Leaders Gallery team to lead in specialty fine art appraisals. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with her BFA in Fine Arts and Art History in 1992, and has since gone on to become a key member of the Detroit art community. Some of Terri’s clients include the Detroit Institute of Arts, Comerica Bank, Flagstar Bank, Image 360, and Temple Israel, just to name a few.

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