Artist: Adam Finli

Adam Finli’s upbringing offered a unique element to his work. Born in 1982, he was raised on an estate in South Africa where he spent much of his time learning woodworking techniques, primarily traditional wooden masks. His father had a government position which allowed him the opportunity to travel to Italy, Germany, France and England from the ages of fifteen to seventeen.

Once the family arrived in Italy, Adam’s father had him focus on the basics of painting. He has consistently painted in a figurative style since then. The richness of European culture and his exposure to the museums and architecture of Europe offer subtleties to his work even today. Adam was recognized at an early age for his skill and depth as a painter. The family continued to travel until Adam returned to Georgia to attend the Atlanta College of Art. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts and has been painting full-time since that time. His work has a maturity beyond his years and is already collected nationally and internationally.

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