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Alex Fishgoyt was born in a small town of Evpatoria, in Crimea, while his parents were on vacation and almost immediately after his birth he was brought to Moscow, where he spent his childhood. He began drawing at the tender age of three, following his father’s example. 

His father, Michael Fishgoyt, who was a production designer at the Gorky Film Studio in Moscow and a talented artist himself, became Alex’s first art teacher.

During the cold war era at the age of twelve, Alex and his family immigrated to the United States. Alex’s talent was recognized early in his school years and he was awarded a gold medal for art at graduation. During the years spent in Art and Design high school Alex won lots of contests and awards but the one he is most proud of is the First Place Award from the United Nations Women’s Guild for designing an international symbol of peace. 

Alex’s first exposure to the professional creative world happened at the age of 15, when his creative thinking and talent captured an eye of the movie director and he was offered a job of an assistant production designer on a feature film Just Married. And during next four years he rose from assistant to full production designer helping set style and tone for six more independent films with sets spanning from 1930’s Russia to 1950’s America.

At the age of 17, after graduating high school of Art and Design, Alex was accepted to the Parsons New York with the full scholarship. After graduating Parsons and receiving the Bachelors Degree
in Fine Arts Alex was offered a job designing the stage for Michael Awards (Oscars of fashion industry). 

Feeling that his education is not yet complete Alex decided to go back to Russia to round up his fresh and unique style with famous Russian Formal Art Education in one of the best Russian Schools, VGIK located in Moscow. He completed his post-graduate course in VGIK, learning from one of the best teachers of the University, Petr Pashkevich.

In Moscow, Alex participated in three one-man shows, two at The Central House of Cinematography and one at The House of Culture. After his return to New York City he continued to paint and exhibit his work in the United States having several group and one-man shows.

Alex is a
- master elite class artist member of the World Art Foundation
- member of the Society for Art of Imagination
- member of BeinArt Surreal Art Collective Gallery


Alex’s paintings are currently part of the collection of the WAF Museum, California.

Alex Fishgoyt Artwork Available at Art Leaders Gallery, West Bloomfield Michigan - 888-264-4887

Alex Fishgoyt is a thirty-something Russian-American painter. Currently he lives in New York. His oil paintings reflect a surrealistic, phantasmagoric exploration of the "Collective Unconscious".

From a "Spiritual viewpoint, his artwork represents series of meditations on the conciousness of the universe. The Figurative renditions in some of his paintings reminds us of William Blakes illustrations on major Sweden borgian themes.

With his beautiful and specific pallette of colors, Alex Fishgoyt uses a multi-layering technique to articulate a vision that is once highly organic and profoundly spiritual. In fact the essential "Oneness" of everything is Mr. Fishgoyts major theme. That theme is captured in a incessant curvilinear dynamic.

Ample illusions are made to figures caught up in an endless and ongoing cycle. All of this embodied with careful architectural framing as Fishgoyt deconstructs and reconstructs the subconcious. To capture and re-affirm the regenerative nature of his vision, Alex fishgoyt at every turn refers to the female form.

His artwork has an extremley contemporary feel; Post-psychodelic but not all together so. Pos-historical but with nostalgic appreciation for the mythsof our fathers. In the end, Alex Fishgoyt asks us to look at lifeas an organic process of eternal movement and change.

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