Brendan Walter

Liquid Sands Design was founded by Brendan Walter as an artistic collaboration with 2 art/design professionals who both started working glass at the California College of Art, and in Europe in the earliest days of the American artglass movement in the early 1970's. Walter foresees future design participation by numerous artists from all disciplines, and is currently working with well know architects, painters and sculptors to that end, as well as artists and designers from other visual arts medias as well. Each year we hope to provide new and unique designs not seen anywhere else.

Currently all our work is designed by Brendan Walter with collaboration by Peter Kuchta on working the hot glass, and up to 2 other assistants now working under both of their guidance and oversight. Walter also works the glass afterward, cold, to cut, polish, and finish the pieces with one other assistant in their new Carmel, California studio. Walter and Kuchta have worked at other studios in California to develop new designs and techniques.

All the pieces are hot worked using the same techniques Walter and Kuchta developed at the beginning of their partnership in 2004. Walter designs all the L.E.D. lighting circuitry and housing for the items and sculptures. The sculptures begin when 2000 degree hot glass is gathered from the furnaces in the freehand blown glass tradition, no molds are used. The powdered glasses and handmade glass rods are previously made then fused and torched into rough shapes.

They are then heated and reheated, along with multiple glass gatherings, and hand shaped on wet paper alone. They are hand held with the burning glass riding on a bed of steam from the wet paper just one millimeter from the makers bare hand when the final shape takes form. Many steps of molten manipulations and added decorating techniques follows using tools and materials specifically invented in-house for this particular type of hot, colored, solid glass working.

Jim Vandegrift, our main designer of the Galaxy series, works with Kuchta, Walter, and others, to see his designs come to fruition in glass. Jim is our graphic and web designer as well. He also works for large corporate customers as a designer in multi media. We work toward the highest quality pieces, we hope you enjoy them.

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