Dean Moyer

(Korean, b 1952) 

Dean Moyer was born on November 10, 1952 in Seoul, Korea. He has been a very distinguished artist in Korea since an early age. He was attracted to and showed great sensibility for art, a passion from which he would derive his personal style of painting. At the age of 9 he entered the National Young Artist Competition in Seoul and was recognized as having great talent. He was a self taught and very self motivated young artist who diligently worked on furthering his career. 


Longing for inspiration, he traveled all over the country. Most of his paintings consist of detailed landscapes. His painting has a hint of impressionism mixed with a dash of realism. His painting is clearly distinguished by his use of heavy palette knives and texture. Using soft brush strokes and thick layers of paint, the paintings look and feel bold and the colors are rich and strong. His use of vibrant colors mixed with strong color contrasts draws much attention to his subjects. 


He has won over 5 awards and honors in the National Fine Art Competition in Seoul, Korea. He is a Recipient of the Special Prize at both the Competition of Fine Art and the Korean Fine Art Exhibition at Eastern Cultural Center. In 1993, he decided to go to United States to study and stayed for a period of one year. He is a member of the Korea Fine Art Association and Mokwoo Artists Group.


His work has been displayed in a countless number of exhibitions such as Eastern Art Gallery, Hans Gallery, Lune Art Salon, Chicago Art Expo, Artexpo New York, exhibited permanently in The War Memorial of Korea, Gyeonggi Provincial Museum and The Independence Hall of Korea.


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