Deborah Bigleisen

As a textile designer and C.E.O. of her own global design company in New York City, Bigeleisen specialized in floral fabric design. She experimented with color and texture and “always derived inspiration from the colors and patterns in nature.” When she left this career to pursue her passion for painting flowers, she “gave up the medium of dye on fabric for the sensual physical quality of oil on canvas with its organic purity.”
As a fine artist, Bigeleisen works exclusively from her own photographs of flowers, striving to capture the subject “in just the right light, to convey all its character, its fragility, its voluptuousness, and preserve the beauty that I see.” She travels extensively to botanical gardens and her favorite rose garden is at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC, Canada. Bigeleisen’s expressive, oversized flowers reach beyond botanical illustration to explore the fleeting effects of nature.

A 2002 review (The Desert Sun, CA) describes the artist’s approach to painting flowers: “With great affection, Bigeleisen records every detail of their texture and shape. She uses glowing colors to carefully replicate the actual color that she sees. Most of her paintings concentrate on a single bloom, large in size, so stunning that they command the view of the audience.

The painterly appearance belies the fact that their buttery-looking surfaces are actually created by transparent washes and layers of opaque paint. She implements the same glazing techniques developed by seventeenth-century Dutch masters to achieve depth, luminosity, and aerial perspective. The overall effect – one of elegant economy – extends to the forms themselves that are reduced to their most essential geometry. Through a sophistication of drawing and color palette, she achieves mystery and delight.”

Bigeleisen has been featured in several solo exhibitions and received numerous awards. Her work has appeared in museum and art publications, including New Art International, vol. X, 2006.

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