Howard Jason

As a boy living in Southern California, Jason developed a fascination with marine life, which would eventually form a major portion of his life's work. Following his graduation from Otis Parsons Art Institute and post-graduate study at the Pasadena Art Center, Jason began working alongside his father, famed sculptor Mario Jason in the foundry he built in Los Angeles.

Concentrating on marine life, Jason's reputation for creating works of unerring detail quickly began to build. "Daydream in blue", a massive sculpture of five dolphins leaping from the water was immediately acquired by a private collector in 1994, leading the way to public commissions for universities and museums. Before he turned 30, Howard Jason was invited to exhibit three sculptures at the Mystic Maritime Museum in Mystic, Connecticut.

In 1997, Jason's focus began to reflect a new interest in children. Recently married and then a new father, Jason began sculpting life-sized figures depicting young girls and boys Caught up in moments of play. Keenly aware of his own happy childhood, Jason's work Brilliantly captures the subtle playfulness and curiosity of children. These sculptures, like those he has done of marine life, share an extraordinary vivacity as well as a respectful attention to the mystery of the subject's interior lives.

Since 1997, Howard Jason has received numerous commissions from both private and public collectors. In addition to "Puppy Love" which stands at the entrance to singer Micheal Jackson's "Neverland Ranch", Jason recently completed three monumental commissions: A fourteen foot sculpture of five dolphins for a private collector in Houston, Texas; a life-sized figurative sculpture for Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, California and a sculpture of four children for a family in Las Vegas, Nevada. Howard and his father Mario Jason have also completed a commission for the Nevada Dance Theater, which fused their signature styles: Three young children trying to mimic the actions of two principal dancers in flight.

Recently Jason has embarked down another road creating figurative sculptures in romantic neo-classic forms which not only express passion and sensuality but also freedom of movement. Dance has been the focus of his most recent creative endeavors: Modern dance and classical ballet.

"Broze is such a great medium to work with because figures can be put together in such a way that it looks as if they are floating in air, thus giving them a freedom of movemnet not found inothermediums." Says Jason.

Howard is not only a talented Sculpture but also possesses a keen knowldge of the bronze casting process because he runs the foundry his father built in Los Angeles in 1985. Through many years of working in the business,Jason has not only become a master sculptor, but a master craftsman as well.

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