Alex Wang

Alex Wang (b. 1971) Chinese

Alex Wang’s approach to painting contemporary flowers and floral landscapes is “With great affection”; he records every detail of their texture, shape and perspective. Wang uses glowing colors to carefully replicate the actual color that he sees. He implements the same glazing techniques developed by seventeenth-century Dutch masters to achieve depth, luminosity, and aerial perspective. Wang is noted for his modern three-dimensional perspective of his floral landscape original oil paintings. “His strong sense of composition and space combined with a flair for the dramatic use of light, naturally lead him to create striking paintings. Through a sophistication of drawing and color palette, he achieves mystery and delight.” Read More

Alex Wang was born in 1971 in Suzhou, China. Wang graduated from Zhejiang University with a fine art degree. He studied and mastered the techniques of the classical style of painting, integrating it into his own style of floral and landscape paintings. Wang is a talented artist with admirable skills in painting. Wang uses rich jewel tones to depict realistic scenes that are easy for the viewer to relate to.

Wang is a member of Zhejiang Artist Association and Chinese Modern Art Association. Wang has been in numerous exhibitions including Chinese oil painting exhibition in 2000, Singapore oil painting group exhibition in 2005, the 3rd Beijing International Gallery Exhibition in 2006, and in the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair in 2009 to name a few. Wang moved to Beijing in 2009 where he now lives and continues with his painting and exhibits all over the world.

He was first shown in the United States at the International Art Expo in New York in 2010. His artwork is displayed in many private collections in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and in select fine art galleries in the United States.

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