Rollin Karg

The excitement of hot molten glass being formed from a fiery furnace, and the liquidity of it as it’s shaped into beautiful art...This is the magic which drew Rollin away from his career as an Industrial Engineer. He gathered all of his diverse talents (photographer, potter, woodworker, engineer) and became a full-time glass blower after several workshops at Emporia State University in Kansas.
Rollin has built his most recent studio close to his family home, amongst a beautiful park-like setting. Some of his family have also caught the glass blowing bug, and he has served as mentor to several.
Karg’s art glass is well-known for his skillful combination of dichroic glass, cane-work, and of course the many intricate layers and designs which create such visually stunning effects.
From small pieces to large sculptures, the distinctive style of Rollin Karg is a joy to behold.

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