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R. Evans
Spanish (1957-)


R. Evans was born in 1957 in Olot, Spain. Evans talent was recognized early and encouraged. Evans was formally trained at the Escola de Belles Artes de Olot.


After years of training, Evans started to primarily paint with a palette knife. With this change his oil paintings on canvas began to reveal a deep understanding and interpretation of depth, light and texture. The meticulous style of Evans renders a level of distinction that sets his landscape paintings, floral paintings and still life paintings apart from other artists.


From the time he decided to solely paint, Evans has held a number of art shows in Mataro, a coastal town close to Barcelona, Lleida, Tortosa, Madrid, San Sebastion, Balearic and many others. In all these places his work drew a great deal of attention due to the unique texture and style of his original paintings. 

Evans believes that art is fundamentally communication. He chooses to create more traditional landscapes, floral and still life paintings because it is with this imagery that most people relate. It is imagery that evokes a memory or feeling and makes the viewer want to be part of the scene. 


"I paint landscapes because they speak to everyone. In sharing a place I have known, I know that others will see places they have known. In that way, I communicate with others without using a single word."

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