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MS Park
(Korea 1951-)


M.S. Park was born in Eum-Sung, Chung-Buk, Korea in 1951. Park began his art career when he was 26 years old. He was encouraged to develop his artistic skills by a family friend. This is when he started to sketch in seascapes and garden scenes. Once he was sure he wanted to become a full time artist Park began formal training in 1977 at the I.A.D. Company. 


Park’s training moved his art work away from simple pencil sketches and into oil painting on canvas. He has become successful with his original paintings of lush gardens and woodlands, full of detail, intense color and deep textures. Parks awe-inspiring original landscape oil paintings exemplify an exquisite use of natural light. 


Park has exhibited at the Korea Artists Exhibition in Seoul, the Inchon Cultural Art Center, and throughout the United States. M sketching scenes to be captured later on canvas. He is a member of the Korea Art Association.

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