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Spring Revival

2/23/2017 10:48 AM

From birds chirping and the sun shining to the melted snow and new buds, spring is in the air! Revive your home from the winter blues with fresh colors and new art from some of our favorite artists.

"Golden Moment" by Pietro Adamo

See artwork details here

Golden Moment by Pietro Adamo


"Rise" by Peter Kuttner

See artwork details here

"Rise" by Peter Kuttner 

Posted By Mary

And the Award Goes to...

1/17/2017 1:28 PM

With award season here, we are so honored to have been given the distinction of "Best of Houzz 2017" in the Service category. It's our mission to make sure every client is 100% satisfied with their gallery experience, and awards such as this make us happy to know that we are uniting collectors with art they truly love. 


Check us out on Houzz: 

Art Leaders Gallery in West Bloomfield, MI on Houzz
Posted By Mary Williams

Pinterest is the king of home decor and DIY ideas, and they have compiled a list of 100 ideas that are sure to make an impact in 2017's design forecast. Here are some of the top ideas.

Read the original article from Aparment Therapy's here.

Here Are the Top Pinterest Home Trends for 2017

As we're fast approaching the end of 2016, we start looking forward to what's going to be hot in the next year. Today, Pinterest released their Pinterest 100, a cadre of trending ideas to try in 2017. We've taken a peek at their picks for the home, and can say that we heartily agree. Check out the top ten trends that will be sticking around:

Navy is the new black

Navy is up 80%, and we love how it looks in interiors, especially in the kitchen.

This plant is literally taking over

Pothos and other climbing plants are up 200%, and since they're so easy to care for, this is a good entry into the world of houseplants for beginners.

This Plant Is So Easy To Care For It's Stupid (But We'll Tell You How To, Anyway)

Wood everywhere

Between reclaimed wood, shiplap, and wood tiles, the natural material has taken over walls across America.


Pins of nightstands are up 721%. Switching up these bedside tables is a smart way to refresh your bedroom, whether you DIY or buy.

On the farm

We've seen a return to farmhouse style this year, in our tours and in decor. Pinterest noted that interest in the style is up 40%.

The year of hygge

We're not alone in falling under the hygge spell—the Danish ideal of warm feelings and coziness is up 285% this year.

Marble wallpaper

Marble is no longer relegated to just the kitchen or bathroom. Wallpaper specifically is up 303%.

Brooke Shield's living room featured on Architectural Digest
(Image credit: Architectural Digest )


The see-through material is clearly here to stay, especially in new applications. We especially love that floating frames take art to new heights.


Whether DIYed with marble or paired with pink, we can't get enough (it's up 90%). It's even Krylon's pick for Color of the Year.

Radiant heating

Keep your tootsies warm well into 2017 with heated floors, up 54%.

Check out the full Pinterest 100 here.

Posted By Mary Williams

Happy Black Cat Day! Here's a look at 7 of our favorite cats created by esteemed bronze sculptor, Loet Vanderveen. With clean lines and an Art Deco flare, these felines are sure to make a statement in any room.


#7 - "Panther, Classic" Sculpture #313

Panther, Classic - Sculpture #313


With its playful pose and beautiful patina, "Pather, Classic" begins our list at #7. It's a smaller sculpture, perfect for new Vanderveen collectors or those who need to add a touch of drama to a small space.


#6 - "Lioness, Jewel Alert" Sculpture #504J

Lioness, Jewel Alert - Sculpture #504J


This magestic lady lion comes in at #6 on our list. You can be certain that your room will be guarded well with her huntress eyes on the look out. 


#5 - "Lion, Leo" Sculpture #127

Lion, Leo - Sculpture #127


Not only is this pose dynamic, but look at that gorgeous mane! "Lion, Leo" places 5th on our list of favorite Vanderveen black cats, proving itself as the perfect bronze for summer children and big cat lovers alike.


#4 - "Jaguar, Jewel Reclining" Sculpture #503J

Cougar, Jewel Reclining - Sculpture #503J


This casual kitty comes in at #4 on our list. "Jaguar, Jewel Reclining" is a substantial sculpture with an excellent presence that brings both interest and comfort to a room. Who doesn't want to let loose and relax with this guy hanging around nearby?


#3 - "Panther" Sculpture #112

Panther - Sculpture #112


This cat exudes class and sophistication in this black-on-black picture. "Panther" arrives at #3 in style, reminiscent of the Art Deco movement with a modern influence. Reaching 12" long, this sculpture has the size and composition to make a very dramatic statement piece in any room.


#2 - "Cheetahs, Running" Sculpture #184

Cheetahs, Running - Sculpture #184


Oh, the movement! This sculpture is a close runner up to first because of its beautiful composition and design. Because of the way these two cats are are fused together to balance out weight, Loet was really able to capture the true motion of a running cheetah while producing a spectacular sculpture.


#1 - "Panther, Large" Sculpture #159

Panther, Large - Sculpture #159


"Panther, Large" prowls in at the top of the list! The shape, fluidity, and overall beauty of this sculpture is really something to behold in person. Stretched out to 31" long, this cat is not meant for life on a simple shelf, but for a grand location where it can be ooed and awed at on a daily basis.


Now you know our favorites! Which black cat of our list was yours?

Posted By Mary

Have you or someone you know been effected by breast cancer?

Throughout the month of October, join us in raising funds to benefit The Pink Fund, a local charity focused on helping women and men in active breast cancer treatment pay their bills so they can concentrate on what matters most... getting better! Special edition Colorful Climbers and Wall Bicyclists by popular sculpture artist, Ancizar Marin, will be available for purchase, with 50% of the profits going to The Pink Fund.

Climbing Climbers: $200 each

Wall Bicyclists: $465 each

Orders can be placed over the phone at 248-539-0262 or in the gallery anytime throughout the business day (Monday - Saturday from 10am - 7pm). 

Visit Ancizar's page to see the complete collection of Colorful Climbers: http://artleaders.com/index.php/artists-biographies/sculptures/ancizar-marin-biography.html


Special Edition Breast Cancer Colorful Climbers on Brick Wall

Posted By Mary

Amazing doesn't even begin to explain how great last night's ASID Spring Fling was! Between a gallery-wide scavanger hunt and awards for "Best Dressed", a rollicking good time was had by all!

Yesterday's event was the perfect opportunity for us to introduce our Interior Design Partnership Program, which we hope to implement from now on with our wonderful Michigan design community! If you happen to be a designer looking to pair up with a knowledgeable gallery to assist with art selection, please feel free to give us a call! We can be reached at 248-539-0262 or toll free at 888-264-4887.

Don't forget that our space can be rented out for your event as well!

Setting Up for the Event

Setting Up!

Mixing and Mingling!

Mixing and Mingling

The Team in their Masquerade Attire

 The Team in Our Masquerade Attire

 Best Dressed!

Best Dressed Girl and Her Matching Partner

Delicious Desserts

Delicious Desserts

Posted By Mary

8 Ways to Arrange Artwork

2/12/2016 1:38 PM

Today's blog post comes from the interior design site Houzz. Below are some truly amazing ways to hang artwork, from a single piece, to 20. Enjoy!

Posted By Mary

Houston Llew Tiles in the Home

When decorating the home with artwork, there are multiple things to consider. Is your goal to acquire pieces that will increase in value over the years? Do you want to fill your home with art that matches your décor? Is there a specific feeling you want your artwork to emote?

All of these are perfect reasons to buy artwork; it just all comes down to what YOU want out of your art buying experience! For Heidi, the desire to feel inspired on a daily basis is the end goal, so she collects Houston Llew Spiritiles to add a bit of wit and motivation to her walls. Whether it’s to create a little self-assurance to daily life or spur a trip to the beach, her Spiritiles keep her positive and add charm to her surroundings.

From family-oriented sayings, to famous quotes, to humorous remarks, Houston Llew Spiritiles make fantastic inspirational art pieces because of their ability to relate to anyone and everyone. With a current collection of over 75 designs and unique sayings, there are tiles that appeal to every personality and lifestyle.

Collecting artwork that inspires you is more than just a financial investment, small or large. At the end of the day, buying artwork is about surrounding yourself with what you love, and the inspiration you feel because of it makes the whole art buying process worth it.

To see Houston’s entire collection of current tiles and the retired tiles we have at the gallery, click here.

Posted By Mary

Pantone Color of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Spoiler alert, the winner is actually a combination of TWO colors! This year, Pantone has chosen to feature both “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” as the color of the year, creating a lovely blend of warm and cool that exudes peace and tranquility.


Taken directly from Pantone’s website:

“For the first time Pantone introduces two shades, Rose Quartz and Serenity as the Pantone Color of the Year 2016. Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feeling of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times.”

“Whether in soft or hard surface material, the pairing of Rose Quartz and Serenity brings calm and relaxation. Appealing in all finishes, matte, metallic and glossy, the engaging combo joins easily with other mid-tones including greens and purples, rich browns, and all shades of yellow and pink. Add in silver or hot brights for more splash and sparkle.”

 Learn more about these wonderful colors here: Pantone Color of the Year 2016


When pairing these colors with artwork, don’t feel that you have to stick to a pastel palette. Incorporating elements of “Rose Quartz” and “Serenity” helps keep the artwork cohesive with the space, but steer clear from too much of either. Look for pieces that are expressive and lyrical, like Anna Razumovskaya’s “Auburn Melody” or ones that are bold, yet continue the feeling of tranquility like Alexander Volkov’s “Emerald Bay Sunrise”. Here you can see how two very different styles and subject matters can work for a space of this color combination without making things seem monotonous!

Anna Razumovskaya's "Auburn Melody"

"Auburn Melody" by Anna Razumovskaya


Alexander Volkov's "Emerald Bay Sunrise"

"Emerald Bay Sunrise" by Alexander Volkov

Posted By Mary

Large Vase by Tim LazerJapanese Maple Vessel by Stephen SchlanserTurquoise Vase by David Thai

Some of the most popular artwork we have at the gallery is the wide variety of beautiful hand-made art glass. From glasswork created in the traditional kilns of Italy to those produced 20 minutes away downtown, we pride ourselves on the quality and selection of these luminous statement pieces.

It’s worth noting that I mention these pieces are “hand-made”. That doesn’t mean no machines were used in production, but instead refers to the fact that between cutting the glass, polishing the edges, laying out the design, sandblasting, applying precious metals for select finishes, and ultimately firing, there is much hand work involved. Many of the glass pieces we carry required at least 5 craftspeople to complete!

With the amount of handwork and steps it takes to create even one piece of glass art, many of these pieces are susceptible to slight flaws and imperfections, especially if precious metals or other applications are required for the finish. Flaws may present themselves as dark spots, lines in the finish, or possibly even small bubbles. This is the result of working with highly sensitive materials that react to microscopic contaminants in the environment.

While glass artists always try to keep these flaws to a bare minimum through the use of filtration systems and clean working environments, the artwork is created in a glass studio, not a sterile environment. Believe it or not, there will almost always be very slight flaws and imperfections in glass artwork!

With this small bit of information on how hand-made art glass is created, we hope that you’ll have a better understanding of the facts and procedures in producing beautiful hand-made art glass, helping you to appreciate and enjoy every piece along with the slight flaws that appear as a result of it being “hand-made”.

Adapted from “Facts & Flaws” by Stephen Schlanser Glass Studio

Versaille Vase by Stephen Schlanser

Posted By Mary

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