As the year comes to a close and we begin making plans and resolutions for 2016, we can’t help but take a moment to reflect on the excitement that 2015 brought to the gallery. Between the launch of our brand new website and numerous events and exhibitions, we have had our hands full! Here are some of our most memorable highlights:


  • - Gabe Leonard made a stop to Art Leaders Gallery for his “Desperados” tour! We had an absolute blast meeting the cinematic artist and taking the chance to delve deeper into his creative process and the plans for his upcoming series.

  • - Hello new website! We were thrilled to debut our completely renovated website to the world, making the process of acquiring fine art that much easier!

Gabe Leonard Creating a Collector's Sketch


  • - The gallery was chosen to be on the judging committee of Art Design Consultant’s annual “Art Comes Alive” event in Cincinnati! Bonnie and Mary took a trip down to Ohio to visit the impressive gallery space and mingle with some remarkable talent for the event’s opening and awards ceremony.

Opening Reception of "Art Comes Alive" in Cincinnati


  • - We held our first after-hours event since initiating our new Gallery Rental Program. The retirement party for a renowned Detroit anesthesiologist held nearly 150 people, was professionally catered, and even utilized a dance floor and DJ!


  • - Local sculptor, Jerry Soble, held his final artist exhibition with us in conjunction with the Friendship Circle of Michigan. With a relaxing retirement ahead for Jerry, we are thankful he chose us as his venue to raise money for the charity and get the chance to unite his remaining sculptures with eager collectors.


  • - To get our clients ready for the holiday season, we held an extensive Trunk Show and Holiday Sale, with over 50 new pieces brought into the gallery showroom! 

  • - With the help of Michigan artist Michelle Courier and the expertise of a local catering company, we held an amazing evening event for the local branch of a national investment company. Between Michelle’s stunning artwork and charisma, and the to-die-for buffet of Detroit inspired food, all 75 guests left the gallery that evening cheerful and satisfied.

Financial Event at Art Leaders Gallery


What will 2016 bring? Who know, but we are very excited to see what is in store for the gallery and the rest of the design world in the upcoming year.