Happy Black Cat Day! Here's a look at 7 of our favorite cats created by esteemed bronze sculptor, Loet Vanderveen. With clean lines and an Art Deco flare, these felines are sure to make a statement in any room.


#7 - "Panther, Classic" Sculpture #313

Panther, Classic - Sculpture #313


With its playful pose and beautiful patina, "Pather, Classic" begins our list at #7. It's a smaller sculpture, perfect for new Vanderveen collectors or those who need to add a touch of drama to a small space.


#6 - "Lioness, Jewel Alert" Sculpture #504J

Lioness, Jewel Alert - Sculpture #504J


This magestic lady lion comes in at #6 on our list. You can be certain that your room will be guarded well with her huntress eyes on the look out. 


#5 - "Lion, Leo" Sculpture #127

Lion, Leo - Sculpture #127


Not only is this pose dynamic, but look at that gorgeous mane! "Lion, Leo" places 5th on our list of favorite Vanderveen black cats, proving itself as the perfect bronze for summer children and big cat lovers alike.


#4 - "Jaguar, Jewel Reclining" Sculpture #503J

Cougar, Jewel Reclining - Sculpture #503J


This casual kitty comes in at #4 on our list. "Jaguar, Jewel Reclining" is a substantial sculpture with an excellent presence that brings both interest and comfort to a room. Who doesn't want to let loose and relax with this guy hanging around nearby?


#3 - "Panther" Sculpture #112

Panther - Sculpture #112


This cat exudes class and sophistication in this black-on-black picture. "Panther" arrives at #3 in style, reminiscent of the Art Deco movement with a modern influence. Reaching 12" long, this sculpture has the size and composition to make a very dramatic statement piece in any room.


#2 - "Cheetahs, Running" Sculpture #184

Cheetahs, Running - Sculpture #184


Oh, the movement! This sculpture is a close runner up to first because of its beautiful composition and design. Because of the way these two cats are are fused together to balance out weight, Loet was really able to capture the true motion of a running cheetah while producing a spectacular sculpture.


#1 - "Panther, Large" Sculpture #159

Panther, Large - Sculpture #159


"Panther, Large" prowls in at the top of the list! The shape, fluidity, and overall beauty of this sculpture is really something to behold in person. Stretched out to 31" long, this cat is not meant for life on a simple shelf, but for a grand location where it can be ooed and awed at on a daily basis.


Now you know our favorites! Which black cat of our list was yours?