Houston Llew Tiles in the Home

When decorating the home with artwork, there are multiple things to consider. Is your goal to acquire pieces that will increase in value over the years? Do you want to fill your home with art that matches your décor? Is there a specific feeling you want your artwork to emote?

All of these are perfect reasons to buy artwork; it just all comes down to what YOU want out of your art buying experience! For Heidi, the desire to feel inspired on a daily basis is the end goal, so she collects Houston Llew Spiritiles to add a bit of wit and motivation to her walls. Whether it’s to create a little self-assurance to daily life or spur a trip to the beach, her Spiritiles keep her positive and add charm to her surroundings.

From family-oriented sayings, to famous quotes, to humorous remarks, Houston Llew Spiritiles make fantastic inspirational art pieces because of their ability to relate to anyone and everyone. With a current collection of over 75 designs and unique sayings, there are tiles that appeal to every personality and lifestyle.

Collecting artwork that inspires you is more than just a financial investment, small or large. At the end of the day, buying artwork is about surrounding yourself with what you love, and the inspiration you feel because of it makes the whole art buying process worth it.

To see Houston’s entire collection of current tiles and the retired tiles we have at the gallery, click here.