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Every home is a reflection of its owner, shouldn’t yours convey elegance and distinction?

Ken Rausch and Konstantin Savchenko in Homes. Examples of our In-Home Design Services in Michigan

Welcome home, breathe a sigh of relief, your space is eloquently decorated and flawlessly reflective of your personal taste. Achieving a home that is both beautiful and functional is easy through Art Leaders Gallery. Whether a trade professional or private client, Art Leaders Gallery provides knowledgeable advisors and fine art curators to work within your space and schedule to produce your perfect home.

Grant yourself access to exceptional pieces through our unparalleled selection of international artwork. 

Bring your vision to life, contact an advisor: 248-539-0262

Home projects can be daunting. With over 25 years experience in residential advisory and an unparalleled selection of artworks and accessories, Art Leaders Gallery can help you effortlessly accomplish each space.

Facilitating each step from concept to completion, the advisor makes all the difference while streamlining the process. Through an initial visit the advisor evaluates the space and begins planning a collaborative design while taking financial considerations. Once personal tastes are realized, the advisor brings all proposed artworks, accessories, and artistic elements in-home for analysis. Placing the proposed artwork in the space is a huge advantage Art Leaders Gallery offers. This additional freedom with the pieces allows the homeowner to get a realistic feel for the space before purchasing and finalizing selections. 

Examples of our in-home design services in Michigan

Residential Advisory Offerings:

  • In-home evaluation/design consultation with financial plan reflection
  • Team collaboration with Interior Designer or Architect
  • Advisor can work from a blank slate or incorporate existing design elements
  • Presentation of proposed artworks in gallery or in-home
  • Custom framing
  • Delivery and installation
ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)
PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association)
TODL (Trade Only Design Library, Inc.)
TEA (Trade Exchange of America)
  • Voted "Best Place to Buy Original Art" by Detroit's HOUR Magazine
  • Named HOUR Magazine's "Faces of Fine Art"
  • Voted "Best Art Gallery" by Detroit Metro Times
  • Voted "Best Gallery or Museum in Michigan" by the American Art Awards
  • Best Fine Art Gallery in Michigan by Observer & Eccentric
  • Among the Top 10 Galleries by Detroit Free Press
  • Highlighted as one of the Top 4 Galleries by Detroit Home
  • Voted “The Best of Detroit” by Channel 4
  • Voted “The Best of Detroit” by The Jewish News

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