Anna Razumovskaya (Russian) Romantic Figurative Painter

Anna creates beautiful work that breathes “romanticism”. Her trademark is the interlacing of quiet tones with the bright color impact at the end. Her romantic figures consist of lovers, dancers and musicians that carry a sense of elegance and grace. The aura is reminiscent of the Renaissance, but due to her signature expressive, sensual, dynamic technique they are refreshingly modern.

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Anna Razumovskaya graduated from Russian State University for Arts in 1991. From 1992 to 1995 Anna studied in Germany, Belgium, and Holland. Anna has had personal exhibitions in St. Paul Minnesota, Toronto, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin and the United States. Anna works in many different techniques, such as watercolor, oil, acrylic, silk and genres and is an unusual contemporary figurative artist.

“If an artist were asked what she was thinking while creating her artwork, she would hardly give a reasonable answer to that question. This process cannot be analyzed. It is like a miracle.”

“You are just drawing and that is all…. simply not thinking of anything definite. The moment you start thinking…. and that’s it-unnecessary stroke, knows how it all happens. Pleasure, passion, joy; here are characteristics of this process.”

Anna’s artwork is mysterious enough to be fully understood only in the viewer’s imagination. The predominant image portrayed in her work is that of the illusionary human body. A moment in the time is stopped, a familiar face revealed, the grace and elegance of the body in motion captured. This soft view element gives viewers the opportunity to explore a version of what they see or would like to see in that image. The viewer becomes a participant in the drama unfolding before his eyes. Figures are rendered perfectly, naturally, and the use of extensive detail in the positive space is complemented by impressionistic backgrounds that serve to more fully define the subject while contributing Anna’s signature rich colors and evocative moods.

“Quickly, easily, and brightly: this is the way I draw, the same way I live. My art is a reflection of myself…”

With many solo exhibitions in the United States, Canada, Holland, Australia, and Europe and numerous works in private collection across the globe, this international acclaimed artist needs little explanation. Today, Anna is mostly recognized for her contemporary figurative paintings, ballet dancers, florals, and landscapes. Her paintings and hand-embellished limited edition on canvas can be found at select fine art galleries.

Anna presently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

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