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Jung Nam Yoon aka ( Max J. Yoon )
Korean (1944-)


Jung Nam Yoon was born in 1944 in Korea. Very early in age, he was fascinated by art work.  With the understanding and support of his mother who also loved art, he was able to study painting.  At the same time, he was also very fond of music.  He organized a band and gave many musical performances.  To Yoon all forms of art have something in common, influencing the other forms of art mutually and causing synergy. For this reason, he was able to paint and play music at the same time.


After graduating from college, Yoon had to choose between these two loves and decided on a career in music.  He performed as a Jazz musician on the stage of the 8th United States Army for 12 years, and played the bass for Pattie Kim, a famous Korean singer.  However, in 1975, he suffered a serious injury to his left hand in an accident cutting short his music career.  He then returned to his other love, oil painting.  His past activities with music had such considerable influence on his original contemporary landscapes that some people have said that they “feel the soft jazz music in his paintings”. Yoon’s brushstrokes mirror his use of light, subtle and delicate. The light warm light softly grazes the fields, trees and ponds creating a romantic landscape painting. His landscape oil paintings could portray either a European landscapes or American landscapes, so his work accommodates everyone’s taste.


Much to his delight, Yoon’s youngest son announced a couple of years ago that he made up his mind to devote his life to painting.  Yoon was quoted as follows: “I did not express how I felt, but got very excited at his decision.  I am very aware that life as a painter is not easy at all.  Never the less, I felt like leaping with joy because I can help him as a father and a mentor in the future”.


Another one of Yoon’s interest is gardening.  His reasoning: “A garden in an artificial space which men make in an attempt to create nature in their possession.  It might sound strange, but I regard artificiality as an action of human’s searching for the long lost nature.  This is because nature around us was deprived of its substance a long, long time ago.  Accordingly, I want to capture the following things in my paintings: the green world we long for, the intensity of the wild nature, the peaceful touch of light and the warm world of life by using the garden as a subject, even though it may be created and artificial.  Indeed, I would like to convey my message to other that the world still has hope and a lot of beautiful things.”

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