Borowski Hand-Blown Whimsical Animal Art Glass Sculpture

Borowski Glass reflects the tradition begun with their father, a master glassblower for many decades whose work is highly regarded and collected internationally. Their pieces show a love of color as well as a playful approach to glass. Several techniques including blowing, sandblasting and engraving are often incorporated. The results are unique and highly desired by lovers of glass.

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Glasstudio Borowski developed in 1990 in Krosno, Poland. It began as a family business started by father Stanislaw, where he and his sons Pawel, Wiktor and Stani Borowski made up the very talented team. Stanislaw laid the foundation for todays Borowski Glass Company. He initially created his own glass art in a garage, utilizing a very special and almost forgotten technique for engraving on cameo glass. Stanislaw soon achieved national acclaim exhibiting in Germany, The Netherlands and Japan, as well as the United States.

In 1993 the sons took over the business and put their own personal stamp on the glass collections. Their work is very contemporary and their designs are known for their unusual, whimsical shapes and bold colors. Their experimental techniques of glass blowing enable the brothers to realize challenging visions and new ideas. Their collections are bold, fresh, creative and avant-garde. Borowski glass consists of three individual lines, with the creations including glass and some metal details for all three collections: the Artist Edition, Studio Line and Outdoor Objects. At times one of the brothers is responsible solely for a particular piece and others are collaborative. Borowski Glass is truly unique; from one piece to the next, no two sculptures are identical.

“The substance of glass is for us a matter of pure fascination, and there is no other material that allows for so many ways of manipulation and bold creativity. Our enthusiasm is reflected in our handmade, innovative, and impressive objects and sculptures. To design and build our sculptures, to create objects or to make imagery appear within the glass itself we have also applied techniques that had almost vanished. The results are art objects that reflect images of space, freedom, individuality, and enjoyment. We hope you will enjoy our fascinating and colorful glass objects as well.”

Today many of the masterpieces created by the family can be seen in renowned galleries, private collections and museums as well and the Corning Museum Of Glass in New York, the most important Glass Museum in the world. The colorful and vivid Borowski Collections are found worldwide in exclusive art galleries.

In March of 2014, the Borowski brothers travelled to Art Leaders Gallery, holding a Glass Sculpture Show to meet all their loyal clients. During the event they showcased their three collections, answered questions, told their amazing story and hand-signed their famous sculptures. They had us all enchanted.

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