J. Morgan

Impressionistic, Floral, Oil Painter

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Morgan has spent several years of his life training in the arts and mastering color theory.  He began drawing the figure at an early age in South Korea and fell in love with drawing. Furthermore, this passion grew once he traveled around the world.  Morgan discovered Tuscan landscapes and cultural influences in impressionistic Italian paintings.  As a result, he began establishing his own painting style with influences of Tuscan florals and scenic environments.  Morgan enjoyed the illumination on the poppy fields and floral arrangements throughout Tuscany.  As a result, he paints these bright colors and captures the bright sunlight hitting each flower petal.  Morgan took these techniques and built up his paintings with texture and color to enhance his impressionistic style.

Morgan returned to his hometown in Korea and discovered the natural beauty of florals and landscapes there.  As a result, his oil paintings began to reflect his hometown landscapes, and abstract color palettes.  His colors began to change from reds and Tuscan colors to blues, grays, and saturated highlights.  In addition, his artworks continued to introduce more color and abstraction to influence a contemporary composition.  Morgan’s current artworks evolves with modern techniques and colors.  Each piece blends Korean, and Italian influences to create new compositions of color and texture.

In conclusion, Morgan has exhibited his works all over the world and recently has shown his paintings at the New York Expo.  In addition, his paintings can be found in fine art galleries around the world, and his collection can be order by contacting

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