Gerd Schmidt (German) Landscape Birch Tree Artist

Gerd Schmidt was born in 1963 in the village of Soemmerda, East Germany, where Russian ideology –particularly the denouncement of religion and individuality—dominated the status quo. Growing up in this setting inevitably impacted Gerd throughout his youth and early adulthood.

 At the age of 23, Gerd entered the military to fulfill his country’s mandatory service, after which he spent six years in technical college earning degrees in tool making and construction – training that set him up for employment with Mubea as a technician. Gerd worked a decade for his employer before they transferred him to the United States in 2004.

 This relocation provided him a new perspective and allowed him to harness a spirituality and creativity he had never before recognized. Despite lacking formal training, he turned to art as a way of expressing this newly found romanticism and began capturing nature’s beauty in his signature landscapes, Birch and Aspen Tree Paintings on Canvas.

Gerd achieves his unique artistic style with self-taught techniques that beautifully combine color and texture. He illuminates his original paintings by incorporating organic materials such as gold and silver leaf mica flakes, further contributing to the organic look and feel of his original artwork.

Gerd currently resides in his country lake house in Michigan with his wife where he is surrounded by the scenic landscapes that inspire him. He is represented exclusively by Art Leaders Gallery in the United States.

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