Lun Tse (Chinese, b. 1964) Mixed Media Floral Artist

Tse has unique original artwork that has been displayed at many nationally and internationally acclaimed trade art exhibitions, and select fine galleries throughout Europe and the United States. His mixed media work creates contemporary one of a kind pieces using gold and silver leaf incorporated in his often large-scale landscapes & floral motifs. They possess a dreamlike quality that is mesmerizing, but precise. His work takes on a hint of Asian influence; Lun’s breathtaking style is marked by hazily blended vibrant colors and wispy brushstrokes. Each piece he creates has its own special story that often recalls Lun’s diverse upbringing, which spanned two very different continents and cultures.

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Lun Tse, born in Hong Kong, China, on February 19, 1964, is one of ten siblings, including a twin brother. His name, which directly translates to the demonstrative “dragon” in English, destined the aspiring artist for greatness from the very beginning. Lun’s work, which melds bold, rich color, thoughtful brushstrokes and delicate imagery, brings to mind this traditional Chinese symbol, a creature both elegant and powerful in nature.

The Tse brothers transferred to Salinas, California, a decision that prompted Lun to explore his talents early on. In Salinas, Lun’s twin began writing, which sparked Lun’s own innate desire to create intricate illustrations to accompany his brother’s unique stories.

In high school, Lun’s art focused primarily on his classes and as a result, was awarded with a scholarship post-graduation. Lun polished his craft and used this expanding knowledge to pursue freelance projects on the side. It wasn’t long before Lun was hired to oversee a team of artists creating modern hand-painted works for a Tampa art company. The experience gave him a greater appreciation for the painstaking process behind fine art construction, and the delicate details that make these individualized pieces special.

Throughout Lun’s years as an artist he discovered the unique technique of “sponge” painting. This technique provided a different and unique dimension of painting he could not achieve with a traditional brush. He is a master of sponge painting and has published several instructional books on this subject.

“I find great satisfaction in creating artworks that are done well,” Lun says. “To have them well-received by any audience brings a total sense of accomplishment. When a collector takes my artwork for their own to enrich their homes — this gives me a sense of contribution.”

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