Harold Lustig Optically Pure Di-Chroic K-9 Crystal Cube Sculptures

Lustig has been a designer of glass for over 30 years. His latest project has been to perfect a line of optically pure, di-chroic (Two-Color) coated crystal pieces. The line includes a varied selection including: cubes, sculptures, perfume bottles and religious artifacts. Using K-9 crystal, Harold Lustig is able to create pieces that are optically pure and colorless, the di-chroic finish reflects off the facets in a variety of colors as though it’s been lit from the inside of the piece. The colors change as it rotates. Some of his cubes have specific beveled edges, which refract the light in a spectacular rainbow. Art Leaders Gallery carries cubes ranging in height from 3” to 12” as well as tumbling cubes (multiple cubes one on top of another) ranging from 3 to 5 tall.

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Di-Chroic is a finish perfected by NASA for use in the space shuttles. The product was developed by NASA in the 1960’s for use in satellite mirrors.The layering of the di-chroic finish must be done in a vacuum chamber where an electron beam deposits many microscopic layers of metallic oxides, such as magnesium and titanium, on the optically pure glass. The metallic coating absorbs different colors of light at different angles making the glass multi-hued. The cubes-on-base are coated on the three concave undersides; this allows the color to “bounce” around inside.

Harold Lustig Optical Crystal can be found at select galleries nationally and in private collections around the world.

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