Peter Marfey (Ukrainian) Colorful whimsical Metal Sculpture Artist

Marfey is both a sculptor and mathematician, combining his love and affinity for both trades in his artwork. Art and Math are not mutually exclusive. In fact, mathematics has been described as an art motivated by beauty in that it seeks to restore harmony and balance. The Greeks discovered what we know as the Golden Mean or “divine proportion”–a mathematical ratio found in nature-by which they created their monuments and grandiose artworks. These perfect proportions can be found in art and design throughout history –the Parthenon, the Pyramids of Giza, the paintings of Michelangelo, Raphael, and even Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa all present us with the same mathematical harmony the Greeks identified.

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Peter was born in Kosiv, a town in Western Ukraine. His own uncle, a math and art teacher, taught him how to draw a young age, thus instigating his life-long love for art. His primary education began at an art academy, where he was trained classically in drawing and oil painting techniques; however, upon graduation from the academy, he decided to attend a technical school to learn the trade of geodesy. While enrolled in trade school he learned how to apply his artistic abilities to drafting and cartography and upon graduating in 1979, he began his career working as a land-surveyor.

This shift in trade proved essential to his artistic career as his primary influence can be epitomized in geodesy –“the science and art of measuring the earth’s geometric shape, its orientation in space, and its gravity field”. As a result, he creates stunning abstract metal sculptures that explore the bold impact of shape and color and hearken to math found in nature. The shapes appear suspended in gravity, falling almost organically into place.

Peter never left his art and ultimately returned to it as his full-time career. He has been involved in many national and international exhibitions in locations such as the Ukraine, Czech and Slovak republics, Poland, Hungary, and Germany. As of 1993, he has lived in the United States with his wife and son and works as a full-time sculptor, represented exclusively by Art Leaders Gallery in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

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