Rodney Denne (RED) (American, b. 1971-) 

As a Detroit Artist, Rodney E. Denne (RED) has created strikingly dynamic contemporary figure and abstract paintings that have made him internationally renowned.  RED has channeled emotion in his large scaled figures from his memories of service in the Air Force and has encapsulated viewers with his textural patterns.  After spending time in the military, RED mentored under artist Bob Jacobson.

“I am nature; a part of all things. I feel my art must come from within. I am also a product of urban and suburban environments and try to capture that feeling in my paintings. I think of my life and art within the realm of alchemy, using all base metals of my life foundation and structure, and turning them into beauty, gold, something of value that can be appreciated and cherished by others. I use many colors, while also being drawn to black and white. I feel the absence of color is color. I paint because I have to. It is in me; it is alive and must be reconciled and fulfilled.” RED

Each painting has a title which embodies a personal connection to his past memories and present experiences that have deeply affected him.  Some of RED’s influences are Paul Klee, Robert Rauschenberg, Bob Jacobson, Bob Thompson, Jean-Michael Basquiat, and William De-Kooning.  RED describes himself as an established abstract expressionist and a contemporary figurative painter.  His mid-century modern style infused with pop art influences creates dramatic patterns in the foreground and intricate line work in the background.

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RED has created this large series of beautifully vibrant artworks that convey bold figures and emotional connections between characters.  He also channels this emotion through his highly textured black and white paintings by abstracting the figures and creating immersive concepts.  He creates these striking pieces by using an unusual technique with oil sticks.  These oil sticks allow him to work expressively while also aiding in building dramatic texture.  RED paints using mixed media on canvas with a variety of styles primarily focusing on exposed, black and white, figurative, and abstract. In his own words, “I work on both painting styles at one time. I’m divided by the figure and color, as well as black and white. I find the need to fulfill both desires in the creation of my paintings.

Once one is immersed in the prominent content in his paintings, the background shapes appear more vividly.  RED deliberately adds imagery in his backgrounds like cars, nature, robotics, and human body parts to symbolize grounding, and text for stronger color communication.

His paintings are striking due to their large scale, bold concepts, and texture build up.  RED’s line work and build of texture creates a dynamic and striking painting which attracts all audiences.

These works of art by this internationally acclaimed artist’s can be found in select fine art galleries in the United Sates, as well as Europe.

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