Stephen Schlanser (American, b. 1949) Kiln-Fired Sheet Glass Sculpture Artist

In the early 90’s Stephen Schlanser presented his first collection of kiln-fired glass also called fusing; a process by which a plate of glass is formed by heating it to it’s near melting point, then gravitating from its solid state to individually handcrafted contemporary vases, platters and bowls. The Egyptians and Persians used fusing of glass nearly 4,000 years ago. With the advancement of glassblowing 2,000 years ago, glass fusing became a lost art form only to be rediscovered and revived in the latter half of the 20th century. Each piece is hand cut from high quality plate glass, then placed over handmade molds. Schlanser’s original designs are engraved, slumped, carved and etched. He will spend hours smoothing and polishing edges and for some pieces, sand etching linear, gold and silver leaf, art deco designs. Because of his high standards of quality, he will reject and destroy around 30 percent of the glass pieces. Once Schlanser has a final product they are signed and dated.

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Steven Schlanser has a diverse and fascinating background. He has raced motorcycles and modeled for a living. He was raised with a great appreciation for architecture and the fine art. This love and appreciation for the arts sparked an interest in glass making. Schlanser worked as an apprentice for the renowned German glass artisan Paul von Domarus for many years and has since taken the glass medium into unexplored regions.

Schlanser has been blessed with the knowledge of 11th century stained glass techniques as taught to him by an immigrant to US soil, grateful for Stephen’s skills and willingness to learn.

There comes a point at which an occasion warrants a gift that will become a family heirloom. Stephen Schlanser is attuned to the importance of creating fine art, which is both glorious in form and more broadly accessible to subsequent generations than perhaps a staid portrait of a family leader in his less than flattering later years. The appeal of his classic work is unmistakably universal. After all, what do Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sylvester “Rocky Balboa” Stallone have in common with the Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England? All three of them have acquired works of art from Stephen Schlanser.

All of Schlanser’s modern designs are copyrighted ensuring that anyone else cannot duplicate them. This adds to the authenticity of value of each piece.

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