Van Matino (Korean) Original Stylized Landscape Paintings

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Matino takes everyday objects and elements of nature to create striking compositions. From the artist’s perspective, his oil paintings strive to display harmony. From contemporary landscapes and modern seascapes, to vivid floral paintings, he beautifully balances the composition to place light and shadow against a simple, yet rich palette. The combination creates a unified whole; sometimes whimsical, sometimes intense, and sometimes serene. His color pallet consists of jewel tone and his technique involves the use of pallet knife work with thick brushstrokes and of paint on the canvas. This adds a tremendous amount of depth to his original oil paintings. Matino’s original oil paintings always leave the viewer feeling complete.

Born in Kyungbook, Korea in 1955, Van Matino was raised with an appreciation for nature and simplicity. After graduating from Dong-Kook University with a degree in philosophy, he strived toincorporate his heritage and education into his artwork. Since graduating from university, Van Matino has received many prizes for his paintings including the grand prize for the Korean Arts Grand Exhibition in 1979, as well as the Golden Prize for the MBC Grand Art Exhibition in 1980. By his early twenties, he had already become a well-known member of the local art scene.

Painting for over 30 years, Van Matino, paints to express moods, “To capture certain feelings or moods rather than the obvious image”. Along with a myriad of artists, he is most inspired by Monet, specifically his mastery of color, light and impressions. However, his initial inspiration came by coincidence. His father’s close friend happened to be a painter. As a result, they frequently visited the friend, Mr. Park, at his studio. He recalls the distinct smell of an artist’s studio, especially the oil color. Soon, all that is oil painting intrigued Van Matino. He insists the colors created from the oils have persuaded him to painting. Soon it became a positive source for expressing his creativity.

Currently, Van Matino is in numerous associations including both the Mokwoo Artist and Korean Fine Art Associations. He has held countless exhibitions, and his original oil paintings are collected worldwide. His work is highly sought after and is displayed in galleries throughout the United States and abroad.

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